YAGA Entertainment Label unveiled by GiftNaija.Com.NG

Young  And Gifted Always popularly known as (YAGA)  is an independent entertainment brand and record label owned by Acha Samuel Lucky also known as DJ Youngsammy. It was established in January 2015. The label officially has many signed artistes and promoters but has only two unveiled who are set to take music to another level and they are Star Rex and Prince Donamis.

The label has been pushing out their two signed artistes Star Rex and Prince Donamis, they can boast of a roaster because of their hit song” My Country” by Star Rex, which gained massive air play outside the country and within the country.

The main aim and focus of this label and it’s team is a major selling point as they aim to dish out twenty first century music while establishing a unique niche for themselves.

Updated: January 31, 2019 — 4:21 am

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  1. YAGA entertainment which group will be dat
  2. i think its a new record label
  3. thanks for the information.. more grace to your site
  4. more grace to giftnaija
  5. more grace to u

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