Photos: Two Lagos nurses arrested for selling couple’s baby

Photos: Two Lagos nurses arrested for selling couple

Photos: Two Lagos nurses arrested for selling couple’s baby
The Lagos State Police Command has arrested two nurses working at Trinity Clinic, Meiran, Lagos, for allegedly selling a woman’s baby and deceiving her that she had a stillbirth.


According to police report, the mother of the baby had gone to a hospital in Meiran to deliver her child. However, after delivery, the nurses, Marbel Onochel and Dorcas Omitogun, told her that her baby had died and that they had buried the child to save the family of the trauma of carrying out the funeral of their baby.

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When the family insisted they wanted to see the corpse of their baby, the nurses told them that the head of the baby was bad. Suspecting a foul play, the mother of the child reported the case to the police and the women were arrested. After much interrogation, they confessed to selling the baby for N350,000 to one Mrs. Helen Okoh, a resident of Ajah in Lagos who has since been arrested.


It was gathered that Onochel kept N250,000 from the sale and gave Omitogun N100,000.


During interrogation, the woman who bought the baby said she was desperate for a child because she was unable to conceive, as she had fibroid.


The spokesperson of the state police command, Bala Elkana, confirmed the incident and said the baby had been recovered from the buyer.

“We have recovered the baby, arrested the woman who bought the baby and the two nurses who conspired and sold the baby. The suspects will be charged to court.” he said

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