Nigerian man shares more details of how he was sexually molested by his housemaid when he was 8

Nigerian man shares more details of how he was sexually molested by his housemaid when he was 8

Nigerian man shares more details of how he was sexually molested by his housemaid when he was 8

Nigerian man, Abolaji Dairo, has shared more details of how he was sexually molested by his family househelp and the older sister of one of his friends when he was just 8 years old. Read below

If you have been following, you would realize that this isn’t really a second experience. It is a case of a second abuser.

And yes, it was another maid in another location. Recall that I mentioned in my previous post that I wasn’t living with my biological parents at that time. This lady would deliberately undress in my presence and would tell me to rub my hands through her body. This was no longer new to me though, having been thought by my first abuser. So it became intriguing to her when she discovered what I could do. So I became her “tool”, and later I was the one going to her. I would mount her even in her sleep.

And then there was a third abuser.
A friend’s eldest sister. I think I was about 8+years then. She was in her finals in secondary school and probably in her late teens or early twenties. I had gone to my friends house after school and it happened that she was the only adult around. She called us (3 of us, all boys) into the room and started examining and fondling our genitals. Then she sent the other boys out of the room leaving me with her. I should spare you the details.
One day, she took the act one step further. She brought her neighbor’s daughter of about same age with us (myself and her younger brother) and told us to play “mummy and daddy”. Looking back now, I would say I know why that little girl didn’t feel strange. It obviously wasn’t her first time.

I guess it appears like the universe conspired against me. At about 10years old, I had known and done things undeserving for my age. I later developed this “thing” for older ladies.
I was pretty much messed up, but the real effects didn’t manifest immediately until years later.

I know some men who were sexually abused when they were but a child usually before the age of 10. Many of their abusers were ladies. House maids, aunties, neighbors and family friends. And these guys reacted to the sexual abuse in different ways. Some of these guys later developed a dislike for sex, some turned gay, some became addicted to sex. In my University days, I once came across this guy who saw it as his life mission to revenge what was done to him by raping girls.

When guys, even grown-ups, talk about their childhood sexual abuse, often times we would brag about it. But deep down within us, we know that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, to display such weakness is considered “unmanly”.

It is unfortunate that many who have their young boys sexually molested usually do not know what to make of the situation or what to do about it. Some uninformed parents would even punish the poor kid and put the blame on him. How sad. To them, the fact that he erected is a proof that he encourage the violation of his person.

While the whole world carry on and rally support for the girl child, who will save our little boys from the predatory activities of horny young ladies and sexually starved women. Or is there a conspiracy against the boy child?

#BoysLivesMatter #LettersToFathers

I just spilled my best kept secrets…writing is indeed therapeutic.
This is not a solicition for advice, resist the urge to do so.

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