I don’t regret Publishing ”Regina Daniel’s Wealth Traced” Gift Ogo

I don’t regret Publishing ”Regina Daniel’s Wealth Traced” Gift Ogo

In a chat with team members, Gift Ogo said he was inspired to write about her by the trending questions online.  He said, “ Regina Daniel’s Wealth Traced” was inspired by the questions he saw on social media and public forums. the most trending topics now on social media is ”Reginal Daniel Source of income” . I thought i should write a blog post about it to creates solution to their questions; this is what we have been doing online as Bloggers. But I guess people got me wrong. When i shared it on social media, it was heavily criticized and people felt i was blackmailing. I understood why it happened because some of those who criticized me are PDP members thinking i’m working for APC but i so much thank God i was not the first to publish about it, other top notch bloggers also posted about it and i see no reason why fans should pick on me.

He said people misinterpreted his gesture. Sometimes, there is no need to react to things like this because you will only give people more reasons to talk.

Gift Ogo said he didn’t care about the criticism he had got for his recent blog post, saying it was a blessing in disguise.

“Criticism drives traffic to a brand and it has helped us. We have been in the news for the past hours; so, people can continue to talk while we continue to trend. If you do something, people must talk.

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