Emerhor dismisses Omo-Agege as APC senator-elect

Emerhor dismisses Omo-Agege as APC senator-elect

Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, O’tega Emerhor, has declared that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege (APC, Delta Central) was at no time the candidate of the party, let alone senator-elect for the ninth National Assembly.

Emerhor’s reaction yesterday was coming on the heels of several comments on the ruling that upheld the legitimacy of the Chief Cyril Ogodo-led executive as the authentic one in the state.
“The so-called consent judgement they keep building their hope on only dealt with the congress election of wards and council exco and not the primaries of candidates and, in any case, was dealt a deadly blow at the Appeal Court in Benin City and at the Asaba Federal High Court. Omo-Agege knows I’m now the senator-elect,” he said.
Emerhor, in a statement obtained by The Guardian, explained that the mainstream of the APC in Delta “produced the Ogodo-led executive and accommodates over 70 per cent of leaders and members of the party alongside over five governorship aspirants in the state. So, Omo-Agege, as a lawyer, cannot boast that the ruling is of no consequence.”
Based on the ruling, Emerhor has become the senatorial candidate for Delta Central under the Ogodo-led executive.
“The Ogodo exco produced by the mainstream has always been the authentic executive. We only had a period when an illegal exco was foisted on the party. What the court did on its Monday ruling was just to restore the legal exco into its proper position.
“I emerged as the Delta Central senatorial candidate against Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege who emerged from the Prophet Jones Erue exco, which the court has now declared illegal.
“Legally and physically, you can’t build anything on nothing. Omo-Agege built his candidature on nothing and it has given way. But this is beyond Omo-Agege and me. We the mainstream also had a governorship candidate, Prof. Pat Utomi, three senatorial candidates, three House of Representatives and 29 House of Assembly candidates.”

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