Ekiegini Omaghe Writes to Gov Ifeanyi Okowa Over Threat To Kill Him By Mr Amechi Igumbor

A resident of No.3 Ezinne Onwubuya Street off Charles Street, Agbor, Delta State, Ekiegini Omaghe, has written to the public over an alleged threat to his life by Mr Amechi Igumbor

Ekiegini Omaghe submitted this Open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa through Giftnaija reporters official Email address ‘support@giftnaija.com.ng on Friday evening,


Governor Ifeanyi Okowa please call your in-law, Mr Amechi Igumbor to order, he is after my life. My name is Mr Ekiegini Omaghe, an iron fabricator and a resident of No.3 Ezinne Onwubuya Street off Charles Street, Agbor, Delta State. I am married with children. I was living peacefully with my children in my house with the aforementioned address until two years ago when one, Mr Amechi Igumbor, an in-law to the Delta State Governor bought a property sharing a boundary with my house. Igumbor after the purchase of the property embark on illegal excavation that made him encroached into my compound thereby, blocking the only recognized entrance to my house.As a law abiding citizen,I reported the case to government agencies including, Ministry of Land and Survey. Unfortunately, all expectations to get justice was dashed as all petitions even to Ministry of Land and Survey were not given the needed attention. The biggest shock and humiliation was that Amechi Igumbor has since the case began continued to threaten my life, boasting that he will kill and bury me without a challenge from anyone. He said he has the back up of the Delta State Government,hence,I will not be able to use any government agency to threaten him.The threat got to its peak today,when the said Amechi Igumbor came uninvited to my compound and heaped tippers of sand there, boasting that he is going to kill me and take over my house. Peter Idion, Pa John Nwagimeje and prominent persons in Agbor have tried to intervene but no avail as Amechi Igumbor has remained unrepentant.I am using this medium to appeal to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to tell his in-law to leave me and my family alone. From Mr Ekiegini Omaghe.

After receiving the report via support@giftnaija.com.ng, GiftNaija reporters visited the aforementioned address for confirmation and we were able to snap the below pictures from the venue

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